Candyman Lace sexy for men

123 Underwear Lace Underwear is the next frontier for the fashionable guy. Designed to cover all your needs when it comes to comfort, softness and sexy style. Lace is a trend that came to stay, and now is bigger and bigger between our customers. This see-through fabric is so smooth that it feels like a second skin when you wear it, you barely notice it is there, at the same time, it leaves some to the imagination and fits for a large variety of body shapes. The cuts and styles are so many that you can choose from a minimal coverage to a classic boxer cut. And the vibrant colors gives you a wider option to choose the one you prefer the most.

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CandyMan 99246 Thongs Color Beige

CandyMan 99246 Thongs Color Beige

The CandyMan 99246 Thong is a sexy boudoir piece for boys that leaves little to the imagination! Made from mesh fabric, this sexy number provides a dash of coverage only...